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1993 – 5 people, 1 drawing machine, 1 product type – aluminium wire.

The foundation of the factory began in July 1993. Pilot production of an aluminium electrotechnical wire has been organized.

  • First administration building, 1993
  • Twisting machine SRN12/560
  • Wire annealing area, 1994
  • Works on twisting machine SRN12/560
  • Twisting Machine SRN 6/500


1996 – 30 people, 4 units of equipment, 2 product types.

  • Wire-drawers and twisters team
  • Cable sheathing area
  • Twisting machine MKD/6+12+18/500
  • Twisting machine MKD
  • Voltage testing
  • Twisting machine SRN12/560
  • Twisting machine DRUMTWISTER
  • View of shop #1

Legal registration

1998 – 100 people, 9 units of equipment, 6 product types, about 60 types of cables and wires.

On the 20th of January 1998 Closed Joint-Stock Company “Ludinovokabel” was registered as the legal body by administration of Ludinovo Kaluga region.

  • Top management  of the plant, 2002
  • Sergey Zinukov
  • Core stranding for control cable
  • Workers of the plant
  • Alexander Gerasimov - General Director for the period  1998 - 2006
  • BI A5-SP for overhead conductors (SIP) insulating
  • Commissioning
  • Cable insulating line BI A5-SP
  • View of shop #1
  • Ageing oven for aluminium alloy wire, shop #1
  • Drawing machine MT 50, shop #1
  • Engineer Oleg Evtyukhov
  • In the testing laboratory
  • Commissioning on cable insulating line
  • Cable sheathing and belt insulating line

Development and Modernization

2001 – 300 people, 18 units of equipment, 360 types of cables and wires.

In 2003 Closed Joint-Stock Company “Ludinovokabel” celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this period shareholders of the company have invested in manufacture more than 40 million rubles, and the output has grown several times. The enterprise saved up a wide experience of work under the conditions of market economy. The number of workers has grown and made up about 650 people.

Since 2003 the factory takes a strategic course to modernise the production with new hi-technological equipment.

2004 – 740 people, 35 units of equipment, 2000 types of cables and wires. System of Quality Management has been implemented at the plant.

2005-2006 – A new line for production of self-supporting insulated conductors (SIP) has been commissioned. 840 people, 42 units of equipment, 2200 types of cables and wires. An enterprise Resource Planning System (EPR) on the base of Syte Line Program has been implemented.

2007-2008 – Building of a new shop, the beginning of large-scale manufacture modernisation.

  • Administration building, 2009
  • Valery Denisov – General Director  for the period  2006-2009
  • First stone laying of the new shop
  • Construction works
  • Governor of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov
  • The new shop - total area of 8 thousand sq. metres
  • Commissioning of new drawbenches
  • Commissioning of Twisting Machine Queins
  • Commissioning of new drawbenches
  • Commissioning of new drawbenches
  • Engineer – electrician Konstantin Aristov
  • Commissioning on cable insulating line
  • Austrian specialists at commissioning
  • Rewinding area
  • Rewinding area

Presently the factory is a modern and dynamical enterprise and its every day is filled with events.