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Closed Joint-Stock Company “ Ludinovokabel” is a young, innovative, client-oriented, dynamically developing organization for manufacturing cables and wires. The factory is an industrial division of “Ludinovocable”companies group. The factory is located in a picturesque place of central Russia, in town Ludinovo, Kaluga region, 330 km south-west from Moscow. Presently the number of workers is more than 500 people and the product list is over 5000 articles. The cable production of the factory is used practically in every branch of Russian industry.

The building of a new shop has been completed, the large-scale manufacture modernization has begunThe building of a new shop has been completed, the large-scale manufacture modernization has begun

Among customers who constantly use the production of Ludinovocable are representatives of oil and gas industry – Open Joint-Stock Company “Rosneft”, Open Joint-Stock Company “AK Transneft”, Open Joint-Stock Company “Tatneft”, Open Joint-Stock Company “Lukoil”, Open Joint-Stock Company “Gazprom”; representatives of power engineering industry – FSK, MRSK, MOESK; representatives of machine-building, metallurgy - Open Joint-Stock Company “MMK”, Open Joint-Stock Company “NLMK”, Open Joint-Stock Company “KMZ”, Open Joint-Stock Company “Tula-chermet”, Closed Joint-Stock Company “GOK5”; representatives of chemical industry - Open Joint-Stock Company “ShchyokinoAzot”; representatives of electric assembly organizations, trading companies - Closed Joint-Stock Company “ETM”, “ElkomElektro” Ltd, “Russky Svet” Ltd, Closed Joint-Stock Company “Forum-Electro”, which are dealing with complex supply of electric assembly equipment to the construction and re-construction projects.

Our production is used on the following significant objects of our country: Leningradskaya atomic power station, Balakovskaya atomic power station, Sajano-Shushenskaja hydroelectric power station, Kashirskaya hydroelectric power station, The Moscow metro, the Moscow Kremlin, The Kremlin Congress Palace, The Moscow academic Musical theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich – Danchenko, The Bolshoi Theater, Manezh, Christ the Savior Cathedral, Sheremetyevo airport , Vnukovo airport, Moscow City, Hotel "Leningradskaya".

The strategic goals of the company are:

  • to provide the competitiveness of the products because of 100% quality control;
  • to provide competitive prices, to fulfill orders in time, to provide customers information about the execution of the order, to guarantee the customers purchase returns in case of quality claim;
  • production upgrading to become automatic plant with all the high technological equipment and advanced technology for the production cables and wires of high quality;
  • to create developed branch net in Russia and CIS;
  • to increase two times the segment of the plant in the cable market for two years;
  • to realize a wide range of social programs to improve living standards of the personnel and revive the industrial potential of the region;
  • to create favorable conditions for working and living in the region, to support schools and children’s sport organizations, to organize active leisure time for personnel and town-residents.

For achievement of the goals Closed Joint-Stock Company "Ludinovokabel" is successfully solving following tasks:

  • creates competitive advantages of the enterprise in technology, manufacture and management;
  • expands offered assortment;
  • increases volumes of output;
  • raises quality of let out production;
  • reduces terms of performance of orders;
  • improves system of service and interaction with partners and consumers;
  • improves corporate management system.