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PVC sheathed XLPE insulated power cables for nominal voltage up to 1kV. The cables meet the requirements of Specs. 16.К71-277-98.


According to purpose and application N2XY, NA2XY, N2XY-J, NA2XY-J, N2XY-O, NA2XY-O, N2X2Y, NA2X2Y (DIN VDE 0276-603).


  1. Conductor — aluminium or copper, single or multi-wire, round or sector shaped, class 1, 2 as per national standard GOST 22483-77. The number of conductors: 4, 5. 4-conductor cables feature 3 conductors of the same area and one conductor of smaller area (ground or neutral one).
  2. Insulation — XLPE. Insulated multi-conductor cables carry identification coloring. Neutral conductor insulation is blue. Grounding conductor insulation is a combination of green and yellow colors.
  3. Stranding — insulated conductors are stranded to form a core around a PVC cord.
  4. Belt Insulation — PVC plastic compound, is laid to fill interstices between conductors.
  5. Outer sheath — PVC plastic compound.


The cables are intended for power transmission and distribution in stationary equipment for nominal voltage 1kV, nominal frequency power systems with insulated and grounded neutral.

The primary scope of application: for single-laying of cable lines in cable installations, indoor if there is no danger of mechanical damage while operating.

Flame-retardant while single laying.

Fire safety class - according to NPB 248-97 classification.


Type of climatization: B, allocation category 5 as per national standard GOST 15150-69.

The operating temperature range -50°С to +50°С
Continuously permissible conductor operating heating temperature no more than +90°С
Short circuit conductor max. temperature no more than +250°С
Permissible conductor operating heating temperature under overload condition, ≤ +130°С
Face-to-face length for main conductor areas
  • 2.5 to 16 мм² — 450 м
  • 25 – 70 мм² — 300 м
  • 95 мм — 200 м
Cable Installation and assembly without preheating Not lower -15°С
Bending radius when laid: 7,5 outer cable diameters
Guaranty service life 5 years from the date of commissioning, but not later than 6 months from the date of manufacturing.
Service life not less than 30 years

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