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PVC insulated control cables with protective cover of БбШв type. The cables meet the requirements of national standard GOST 1508-78.


  1. Conductor — copper or aluminium, single, class 1 as per national standard GOST 22483-77. The number of conductors: 4-61.
  2. Insulation — PVC plastic compound.
  3. Stranding — insulated conductors are stranded. Each layer has a marker pair, its insulated conductors carry identification coloring and differ from the other conductors.
  4. Isolator — PVC plastic compound.
  5. Armouring — БбШв type:
    • a) two galvanized steel armor tapes.
    • b) PVC plastic compound protective hose.


The cables are intended for fixed connection to electric devices, machines and assemblies of electric distribution devices for alternating voltage up to 0,66 kV and frequency up to 100Hz.or for fixed voltage up to 1 kV.

The primary scope of application: for installation in buildings, channels, tunnels under aggressive weather conditions and places affected by stray currents if cables are not exposed to heavy stretching forces.

The cables can be installed outdoors.


Type of climatization: UHL, allocation category 1 and 5 as per national standard GOST 15150-69, .

Operating temperature range (relative air humidity at the temperature up to +35°С-up to 98%) -50°С to +50°С
Permissible conductor operating heating temperature no more than +70°С
Face-to-face length at least 150 m
Bending radius of cable while installation and assembly not less than 10 outer cable diameters
Cable Installation and assembly without preheating not lower -7°С
Service life while installation in buildings, channels, tunnels
  • not less than 15 years
  • not less than 25 years
Guaranty service life 3 years from the date of commissioning

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