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Self-supporting conductor with aluminium phase conductors without a messenger. Phase conductors are light stable cross-linked PE insulated.The conductor meets the requirements of Specs. 3500-005-46600751-2006 (as per national standard GOST R 52373-2005).


According to purpose and application NFA2X, ALUS (Sweden).


  1. Conductor:
    • Phase conductors: aluminium, multi-wire, round-shaped and compacted, cross-section 16-25 мм2. The number of conductors: 2 - 4.
  2. Insulation of phase conductor is of light stable cross-linked PE. Insulated conductors carry identification coloring or numerical marking.
  3. Stranding has a right direction.


The conductors are intended for electric power lines and lighting aerial mains for nominal voltage up to 1 kV and nominal frequency 50 Hzand. The primary scope of application: for electric power and lighting aerial mains and taps to inlets into buildings walls and constructions in atmosphere type II and III as per national standard GOST 15150-69.


Type of climatization B, allocation category 1,2,3 as per national standard GOST. 15150-69

The operating temperature range between -60°С and +50°С
It is recommended to assembly conductors at ambient temperature not lower -20°С
Permissible conductor operating heating temperature no more than 90°С
Short circuit conductor max. temperature no more than 250°С
Face-to-face length to be agreed when ordered
Bending radius when assembling on the poles: not less than10 outer diameters
Guaranty service life 3 years from the date of commissioning, but not later than 6 months from the date of manufacturing.
Service life not less than 40 years

Competitive advantages of Ludinovocable SIP conductors

  • High quality because of applied new advanced technologies, modern technological equipment for production and control of production and high quality materials.
  • Less wind and snow load on conductor while exploitation because of reduced diameter of conductor.
  • Easy assembly because of increased conductor flexibility.
  • Easy winding count and storage because of messengers length marking.
  • Possibility to select color or number marking of messengers.
  • Smaller diameters and weight because of conductor compacting.
  • Lower price and short term of manufacture at the expense of high equipment productivity from leading foreign companies.
Patent of Utility Model
  • SIP Conductors of Ludinovocable production and main conductors structure are protected with utility model patents, registered in National register of utility models of Russian Federation № 63596 dated 27th of May 2007 and № 64812 dated 10th of July 2007.
  • SIP conductors have been run testing on compatibility with Niled overhead line accessories.

Options and сertificates

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