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National standard (GOST), Specifications (TU)

(А)ВВГ, (А)ВБбШв PVC insulated power cables. National Standard 16442-80
(А)КВВГ, (A)КВВГЭ Rubber and PVC insulated control cables. National Standard 1508-78
(А)ВВГнг, (А)ВБбШвнг, (А)КВВГнг, (А)КВВГЭнг Flame retardant power and control cables. Spesc. 3500-001-46600751-2002
(А)ВВГнг-LS, (А)ВБбШвнг-LS, КВВГнг-LS, КВВГЭнг-LS Flame retardant low-smoke cables. Spesc. 16.К71-310-2001
Some 5- conductor cables: (А)ВВГ, (А)ВБбШв, (А)ВВГнг-LS, (А)ВБбШвнг-LS 5 -conductor PVC insulated power cables. Spesc. 3500-002-46600751-2003
(А)ПвВГ, (А)ПвБбШв, (А)ПвБбШп, (А)ПвБбШп(г) XLPE insulated power cables for voltage 1 kV. Spesc. 16.К71-277-98
(А)ВБВнг-LS Flame retardant low-smoke power and control cables. Spesc. 16.К71-090-2002
ПВС Wires and cords for nominal voltage up to 450/750 V. National Standard 7399-97
ПВ1, АПВ, ПВ3, ПВ4 PVC insulated wires for electrical devices. National Standard 6323-79
ПВ5, ПВ6 PVC insulated wires of heightened flexibility. Spesc. 3500-004-46600751-2005
А, АС, М Uninsulated overhead conductors. National Standard 839-80
СИП-1, СИП-2, СИП-3, СИП-4 Self-supporting insulated overhead conductors. Spesc. 3500-005-46600751-2006, National Standard 52373-2005
СИП-4С Self-supporting insulated overhead conductors without a messenger. Spesc. 3553-003-46600751-2004